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The pinnacle of luxury in Tirana – the architectural grandeur for an unforgettable stay. Panoramic views of Tirana, gastronomic delights, and an embodiment of unified dedication and teamwork.

Xheko Imperial
Luxury Hotel & Spa
Near the Heart of Tirana

Xheko Imperial radiates the regal aura of a palace, designed with unmatched architectural details for an unforgettable stay.

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We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled service to our guests.

Millenium Oda - Xheko Hotel Luxury Room



The enchanting rooftop bedecked with floral arrangements and spectacular views of Tirana creates an ideal experience for savoring traditional and international culinary delights under the sounds of Live or DJ music. 

Since 1993,

It has been an honor to welcome a distinguished clientele of ambassadors, diplomatic corps, artists, and international businesspeople, maintaining a sterling reputation.

Featuring 71 rooms adorned with vintage wooden furnishings that resonate with Renaissance art, Xheko Imperial provides an air of intimacy and elegance.

Xheko Imperial takes pride in orchestrating impeccable occasions, from birthdays and cocktails to corporate retreats and workshops. These events are meticulously curated and held in exclusive venues equipped with top-tier amenities.

Main lobby bar area and celling - Xheko Imperial Luxury Hotel & Spa - Tirana