Meetings & Events

Host your birthdays, cocktails, corporate retreats, and workshops in style.

Nestled nearby key attractions providing easy accessibility, Xheko Imperial Luxury Hotel & Spa offers thoughtfully designed spaces tailored to blend elegance and professionalism.

Imperial Room

Providing the perfect setting for celebratory banquets, high-stakes corporate meetings, and any intimate gathering, the Imperial Room is designed to elevate your events. With a lavish 60 m2, the Imperial Room boasts cutting-edge audiovisual equipment to host presentations, seminars, and training. Our dedicated staff ensures no detail is overlooked so your event unfolds flawlessly from start to finish.

Grand Imperial Room

An ample space of 260 m2 is designed to host high-profile business conferences and collaborative workshops. Divided into two sections, Imperial Room 1 & Imperial Room 2, the Grand Imperial Room inspires productivity as soon as you step inside the carefully curated interiors. Every event hosted at the Grand Imperial Room goes beyond the aesthetics, as our professional team provides impeccable service to make sure you turn your vision into reality.

Gold Orchid Room

Perched on the 12th floor of our hotel, the Gold Orchid Room stands proud as it mesmerizes you with its charm and panoramic views. An ambiance that is magical and perfect for either a high-profile corporate gala or an intimate cocktail. With details tailored to perfection since we understand the significance of a conducive environment, the Gold Orchid Room is the ultimate choice for all individuals and organizations seeking to host their events.


The Royal Room is an exclusive dining venue on the 14th floor and hosts up to 12 guests – a haven for intimate settings.

With no detail left overlooked, as we believe in exceptional service, the elegance and refinement of the Royal Room host unforgettable memories for your celebrations or business dinners.

Our chefs ensure you’re delighted by the vibrant colors of each dish as you savor each moment fit for royalty. Secure your reservation today.

Foyer Room

Nestled on the first floor, the Foyer Room is an inviting ambiance for any memorable experience. The timeless charm and decorations encourage collaboration and inspiration. Whether you want to host an intimate soiree or celebrate a milestone, you can never go wrong with the Foyer Room, as it offers a serene and distraction-free environment. Our team ensures an experience crafted to perfection for you all your guests and your clients.

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