With a curated selection of ambiances where the spacious interior converges with artistic narratives, each room is named in honor of luminaries such as the enigmatic Mona Lisa, the grandeur of Luigi XIV, the mystique of San Marco, the grace of Elisabeth, and the allure of Beatrice. Adorned with masterfully crafted wooden motifs that adorn under the natural light, the Imperial Rooms embrace a symphony of warm and vibrant hues. Each room narrates a tale of splendor…
Full Facility
Room Service
Free Coffee
Coffee Maker
2 Restaurants
24/7 Reception
Internet Access
Air Conditioner
Fast Respond
Comfortable Beds
Swimming Pool
Airport Shuttle
Fitness Center

Other Rooms

A symphony of comfort and sophistication welcomes you to our Deluxe Rooms.
Embrace a serene and accommodating haven where every detail is orchestrated to cater to your comfort.
Indulge in the allure of our lavishly appointed Junior Suites, with carefully designed ambiances that resonate with relaxation.