Local Attractions

Every corner unveils untold stories. Explore dynamic streets adorned with vibrant street art, reflecting the city’s soul. Immerse in local life at bustling markets, where colors, scents, and sounds harmonize. In Tirana, immerse in the tapestry of local life, connect with the community, and create enduring memories.

Bunk’Art 1 & 2

Once the symbol of survival and resilience, Bunk’Art 1 and 2 are two underground museums that tell the turbulent stories of the past.
Albania counts over 170K bunkers built during the oppressive regime for political and civil reasons. These remarkable bunkers showcase the journey towards democracy as you walk through the corridors once walked by soldiers.
As you watch photographs and check out the audiovisuals, you’ll learn that Albanians have gone through struggles and understand what makes them the resilient people they are today.

Skanderbeg Square

Situated in the center of Tirana, Skanderbeg Square symbolizes Albania’s rich history and modern aspirations. This iconic square takes its name from George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, Albania’s national hero who showed his bravery against the Ottoman Empire.
It offers a mesmerizing fusion of history, art, and urban charm and is surrounded by aesthetically appealing buildings. Skanderbeg Square has become a delightful environment for events and many social gatherings. Everyone immerses in the vibrant atmosphere and explores cafes, restaurants, and shops. Whether you’re a foodie or have an artistic soul, Skanderbeg Square offers everything you need, from traditional and international culinary delights to buying books at one of the biggest bookstores in the city.
You can also enjoy the Et’hem Bey Mosque, a pure example of Ottoman architecture, which stands proudly next to the Skanderbeg statue, and the National History Museum, which promotes Albania’s identity and educates people about the past, the present, and the future.

New Bazaar

A vibrant marketplace that beautifully aligns between traditional architecture and the modern shopping experience. The New Bazaar is a testament to the city’s traditions, community engagement, and economic growth. It is surrounded by vibrant tapestry-designed buildings, diverse souvenir and food shops, boutique hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The New Bazaar is the right place for any foodie and art lover, as everyone can enjoy local dishes and live shows performed by national and international talents. Curious travelers can create lasting memories while exploring all corners and meeting the friendly locals.

Rinia Park

Rinia Park is an urban oasis that is nestled in the heart of Tirana, Albania. All nature enthusiasts or families looking to escape the traffic jams and the noise can relax on lush lawns and embrace the green views. It is carefully designed to fit parents’ needs so they can relax while their little ones spend time in the exciting playgrounds. Rinia Park is home to several open-air events and art exhibitions, and it also has several cafes and restaurants built in the serene nature.
Rinia Park, or Youth Park, is close the Skanderbeg Square, Murat Toptani Pedestrian, and next to the Ish-Blloku District – making it one of the most visited landmarks in Tirana.

Murat Toptani Pedestrian

History, culture, and modernity blended in the heart of Tirana.
Named after the distinguished Toptani family, this pedestrian zone holds all the tales of the past. You can explore the unique Albanian, Ottoman, and Italian architecture while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of local artists and street performers.
Unique boutiques, souvenir shops, and tons of handicraft options to choose from to fulfill every shopaholic’s dream.
Murat Toptani Pedestrian is also known for its range of artisanal cafes and traditional restaurants where you, as a foodie, can treat yourself and always remember the experience.

National History Museum of Albania

Located in the heart of Tirana, right in front of the Skanderbeg statue, the National History Museum of Albania is an iconic testament to Albania’s heritage. The first thing that you will notice is the ‘Albania’ mosaic, an artwork symbolizing scenes from Albanian history and folklore. As you enter the Museum, you will find archaeological and ethnographic treasures displayed everywhere blended with traditional costumes, musical instruments, and many handicrafts that best represent Albanian culture. The National History Museum of Albania can teach you many things about Albania and help you appreciate its culture, tradition, and history through the years.

Ish-Blloku District

After several remarkable transformations, Ish-Blloku District, once reserved for government officials only during the communist era, is today the symbol of freedom, youth, and progress.
Attracting thousands of tourists every year for a memorable journey for those looking for fashionable clothing stores, unique souvenirs, local and international cuisines, dancing venues, or a relaxing evening while drinking fresh cocktails.
Ish-Blloku District is the most lively area in Tirana and offers a unique urban landscape, making it a must-visit for everyone coming to this city.

The Pyramid

Once a museum, the Pyramid of Tirana was built in 1988 to showcase Albanian achievements. As an enigmatic landmark, the Pyramid has always been an intriguing sight for visitors. Due to its new design and construction, whoever visits Tirana spends hours enjoying the view from the top of the Pyramid. Before the latest changes, the Pyramid’s facade had hundreds of colors and paintings created by street artists, and it always drew the attention of photographers, artists, and other enthusiasts. Several events, concerts, and theatrical performances hosted throughout the year have made the Pyramid a must-visit. Tirana welcomes all architects and art enthusiasts to visit the renewed Pyramid and its captivating story.

Grand Park

Tall trees, lush greenery, and captivating sunsets. The Grand Park is a retreat for nature lovers. Whether you want to jog, do yoga, catch a breathtaking sunset, or enjoy a cup of coffee after a leisurely walk, the Grand Park is a great opportunity to escape bustling city life. Throughout the year, the Grand Park hosts several concerts, art exhibitions, and events from local and international talents. Its tranquil green aesthetic appeal boosts commitment to all practices towards preserving natural beauty. Plan a picnic with your family, enjoy sports facilities such as soccer and basketball, and enjoy the serene waters that mirror the surrounding beauty.

Mount Dajti & Cable Car

With a diverse flora and fauna, Mount Dajti stands proud next to Tirana, the capital city of Albania. Always a preferred destination for nature enthusiasts and hikers, Mount Dajti is the quick escape from the bustling city that everyone needs from time to time. Although you can ride a car to Dajti National Park, one of the most scenic and exciting ways to get there is by cable car. You can enjoy stunning views for almost 20 minutes as you rise. This journey will steal your heart as you record hundreds of videos and take beautiful photographs of the panoramic view. Once you reach the Dajti National Park, you can enjoy several activities, such as horse riding, hiking, picnic, or trying traditional food at the restaurant as you breathe the fresh mountain air. This is one of the best enchanting escapes you can plan with your friends and family in Tirana.